What to look for and to prepare when you get a tattoo.

Steps to a good approach to your next tattoo.

  1. Do research on the tattoo artist.

Once you choose what style you want, do research on the artists that meets that style. Look at portfolios online, take your time researching, you won’t regret it.


  1. Check the shop and the artist in person.

When you find the artist, go and check the shop in person. How is the mood and most important, is it a clean environment?

Also, a good professional, won’t have problems answering understandable questions regarding the tattoo and will never make you feel pressured in getting the tattoo done.


  1. Don’t price the shop or artist.

When you buy cheap shoes you know quality won’t be top.

Tattoos are for life, be ready to pay, artists work per hour or give you the price per piece. Don’t expect to pay less than 120€ per hour before tip, more if you do colour.

Don’t negotiate the price, is rude and you are being disrespectful to somebody’s work.


  1. Take your time thinking about the design.

At the same time, once you know it, you know it. Go with your guts.

As I said before, a good professional will never pressure a client, at the end of the day, they want to be proud as much as you of wearing such a personal piece on your skin.

Once you have the stencil, take your time to make sure is right. Is your body, be active and say otherwise if you feel it’s not exactly what you had in mind about position or placement.


  1. Well fed, good sleep and NO DRUNK.

The day of the tattoo appointment, make sure you have eaten well and that you had a good night sleep. It will help you enduring the pain, yes, tattoo hurts. Is your responsibility to accept that it’s a painful procedure.

Don’t arrive drunk, you will be refused and for a good reason. Also, avoid drinking the day before, it thins the blood and it will add pain.


  1. Follow the aftercare instructions.

If you want your tattoo to last and look great, follow the aftercare steps that your tattoo artist explains to you. They speak for experience.